Cushiony soft with no cardboard tube to toss, Scott coreless toilet paper gives you exactly what you need and nothing you don’t. Scott tube-free unrolls like regular toilet paper, without leaving the last sheet stuck to the tube like you get with other toilet tissue products. Plus, Scott bathroom tissue is always safe for sewers and septic systems. With more than 17 billion toilet paper tubes used each year, choosing Scott tube-free toilet paper is an effortless way you can make an impact without sacrificing the quality and value you expect for your home and family. Toss the unnecessary tube for good, starting now.

Product Features

  • Cushiony soft with no tube to toss
  • Unrolls like regular toilet
  • 48 Double Rolls is equal to 96 Regular Rolls (264 sheets/roll)
  • Unscented bath tissue is sewer-safe and septic-
  • Save up to 15 percent on a Scott Tube-Free Toilet Paper subscription with Amazon Subscribe and Save


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  1. Dawna Lowe

    Fix for roll twisting up inside Because this has mostly positive reviews I wasn’t going to write one, but as I am placing my 2ed order I noticed some people having the same problem I did. When I first received the tube free style I thought I wouldn’t be able to use it in my main bathroom because we don’t have a round holder that rolls with the roll. However I saved some tubes from old rolls and used paper towel tubes as I had them. I cut the tubes length wise and rolled them tightly to fit inside the tubeless rolls and now…

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