Seek Thermal XR Imager is a multipurpose camera. Tracking wildlife, spotting predators, and identifying intruders are just a few of its multitude of use cases. Cellphone accessory comes in black color and is 7 inches long x 4 inches wide x 2 inches. This thermal resource has 1 pound of weight and is easy to carry. The iOS specific XR imager is a great tool to carry along and capture some of the best shots and spot things. Imaging processor includes a pocket-sized, waterproof carrying case.

Product Features

  • 206 x 156 Thermal Sensor, 12μ Pixel Pitch, Vanadium Oxide Microbolometer
  • Chalcogenide Lens, 20° Field of View, Magnesium Housing
  • Long Wave Infrared 7.2 – 13 Microns, -40F to 626F Detection
  • Includes a pocket-sized, waterproof carrying case
  • Seek CompactXR is a highly portable, versatile and durable thermal imaging camera that plugs directly into your smartphone. This device translates thermal energy (infrared light) into a visible image on your phone.
  • CompactXR’s narrow, 20 degree field of view is ideal for outdoor use, providing a detection range of up to 1800 feet, nearly twice the range of the Seek Compact.
  • With a detectable temperature range of -40 to 626 degrees Fahrenheit, tracking wildlife, spotting predators, and identifying intruders are just a few of its multitude of use cases.

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  1. MikeJulieSTL

    XR pros and cons over FLIR One ** Edit – added FLIR One (1st Gen and Seek XR photos of same dog at about the same range)I owned a FLIR One for my iPhone 5s prior to buying the Seek Thermal XR for my iPhone 6+. With a new FLIR on the horizon (FLIR Two?)that could attach to any iPhone I was planning on buying that device but then Seek came out with the “XR” that had a much greater range than my FLIR One and the ability to focus on objects near or far. I do like my XR but I also miss my FLIR One…

  2. Simon

    Read the specs online and you won’t be disapointed Now I may be biased as I’ve been waiting for a price effective thermal camera for years.But I don’t need it enough to pay more than $300.I searched the web thoroughly before I decided what to buy. I considered the Flir One and Therm-App and read all I could about them as well.The first thing I noticed was that temperature range is way better on the Seek.Thermal-App can’t detect high and low temperatures (from 5°C to +90°C (41°F to +194°F)) so that limits the…

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