NEW MAX 30 Base Kit DVD Insane Workout Max30 13 DVDs DESCRIPTION: Max out Guide 7 day abs maximizer Nutrition to the max Workout calendar No time to cook guide 13 dvds 1. Cardio challenge 2. Tabata power 3. Sweat intervals 4. Tabata strength 5. Friday fight: round 1 6. Max out cardio 7. Max out power 8. Max out sweat 9. Max out strength 10. Friday fight: round 2 11. Sweat fest 12. Max out:15 +360 abs 13. Max out:15 + max out abs

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  • Project sent from the United States

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  1. Nicole

    Missing Content I would be curious to the last person who reviewed this if they checked all of their DVD yet. At first I too thought this was all legit, but with further use of the product, I have found there is actually a lot of missing content. Some of the DVDs have several workouts on them, and with those only the main workout is included. One of the things I love about the Insanity Max 30 is that it comes with a modifier track. If you select this option on the individual DVD menu, it’s suppose to show the…

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