For everyone that loves their Simply Fit board..this is the 21 day challenge workout kit. The 21 day challenge is a workout DVD that consists of 1 workout to be done daily with your Simply Fit board, for 21 days. This DVD also includes a recommended nutrition guide

Product Features

  • 21 Day challenge is a workout program designed to work exclusively with the Simply Fit board
  • Consists of 1 workout, to be done once a Day for 21 days
  • Workout to consist of cardio & strength training. Approximately a daily, 40-minute workout
  • DVD also includes a recommended nutrition guide

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  1. Todd

    Buy It! I bought the Simply Fit board as a “something different” workout. Come to find out, when you add this DVD to your workout library, it will become a go to DVD, when you need a good half hour total body workout. Rosalie is terrific, she keeps the pace going, with just the right amount of encouragement. Is it P90X? Of course not, but you can adjust how hard you work to match or challenge your fitness level. Just kick it into a higher gear, use heavier weights, don’t use weights, it is…

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