SiOnyx Aurora, the World’s 1st camera capable of capturing all life’s moments day or night.

Our patented Ultra Low Light IR sensor technology that not only captures images under low light conditions but gives you true night vision capability in monochrome or in color.
Life doesn’t end when the sun goes down and neither does Aurora.
Bring night to life The SiOnyx Aurora is the World’s 1st water-resistant Day/Night Camera.
The only hi-definition, color action-camera with true day and night imaging.

Color night vision

See what you’ve been missing. Color night vision gives you the power to capture all the excitement when other cameras can’t.

Aurora Mobile

Use your mobile device to control your Aurora, remotely view what your camera is seeing, and easily share capture moments with friends and family.

Believing is seeing

Our ultra low-light sensor technology enables you to see things the human eye can’t, then record these incredible experiences. Day-only use cameras are capable of higher resolution – while remaining physically small – because they only need very small pixels. True night vision requires big pixels. That means night vision at higher resolution would require a sensor at least double Aurora’s 1″ size, a much larger lens and a budget busting price tag of more than 10x Aurora’s current cost.
Aurora is affordable access to action through advanced technology that captures the adventures of your days and your nights.

Wi-Fi Capable

SiOnyx Aurora’s Wi-Fi capability and App for iOS or Android you can share your adventures on social media.

Size Matters

One-inch sensor for low light sensitivity. The sensor is 1″ optical format is what makes the Aurora so good at capturing color and motion in twilight and extremely low light.

Product Features

  • Sensor – Ultra Low-Light CMOS
  • Night Vision – Moonless starlight capable
  • Display – Intergrated Hi-Definition OLED
  • Lens – 16mm Precision Glass Optics
  • GPS, Accelerometer, Compass, WiFi, Lithium-Ion Battery

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  1. Anonymous

    COLOR night vision – so crazy. After using this camera for a few days, I have to say, there is nothing I’ve seen that’s anything like it. I got this to basically see/record what’s going on in the woods and trails where I hike a lot at night. I always hear the animals but never see them. Now the porcupines can’t hide! I was planning on recording my kid mountainbiking the other night but it already dumped snow here so that’s going to have to wait a few days. I’m actually looking forward to seeing what some of the mountain bike…

  2. Anonymous

    Impressive NV, Poor software implementation, Buggy App First and foremost, the night vision/low light functions of this camera are impressive.However, there are significant issues with this camera.The app is buggy. The Wifi connection is intermittent and unstable. You have to turn off Bluetooth on your iPhone before it will even connect. It is an adhoc WiFi connection and cannot connect to your local network. Once the app is connected, you can see the live feed and control the record function. However, if you exit the app, the recording…

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