Product Features

  • Night Vision: Spy Net’s original, award-winning technology: see up to 50′ in complete darkness
  • Enhanced Daytime Vision: For the first time ever, switch from Night Vision mode to Daytime Surveillance to spy day or night
  • Record Mode: Now you can capture Video and Photo evidence, works in all vision modes
  • Search for enemy agents and examine your world with enhanced effects: a ‘ghostly’ vision filter and a ‘thermal’ – styled filter that mimics the heat vision seen in action moves and video games
  • Requires 4 ‘AA’ Batteries (not included), for ages 8+ years

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  1. Anonymous

    Get Ready to Finally be Impressed! I LOVE THESE THINGS!!!! A tight budget is why I chose this kid’s product for my own use. I have bought this same item on 3 separate occasions as gifts in the past, all of which each kid absolutely loved. I swore one day I’d purchase these for myself, since the production of night-vision binoculars, outside the toy-line, is a pricey attempt. Finally making my own purchase, I had no idea of the numerous options included, even though I researched these “toy” products well back in the…

  2. Anonymous

    A wonderful toy that seems to have a lacking design feature… For $50 to get a pair of working night vision goggles with the feature of taking pictures and videos is pretty astonishing. If they made the goggles wider and less narrow with a 16:9 screen aspic ratio with a longer field of vision, it would give it that five stars that it would have deserve. Because the device is so narrow and the field of vision is small with a 4:3 screen size, it’s hard to walk around in the dark without feeling a bit clumsy. It’s like looking through a telescope without…

  3. Anonymous

    this works quite well for night vision and it’s a lot of fun. My 6 year old daughter loves having the …

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