Tube, 26 x 1.95-2.125 32mm SCHRADER Valve. Replacement bicycle bike inner tube for mountain, cruiser or any bicycle tire with the same tire dimensions. Be sure to verify the valve type and length also.

Product Features

  • 1 Tube, 26 x 1.95 – 2.125
  • 32mm Schrader Valve
  • Replacement bicycle inner tube
  • Be sure the tire bead is seated evenly all around the rim by first adding a little air to the tire, checking the bead on both sides and if beaded properly continue filling air to the correct pressure as stated on the tire.
  • For the health of your tire and tube always maintain the proper air pressure. See the side of your tire for minimum and maximum pressures.


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  1. Eli Hanisian

    flat after 2 rides Rim strip works fine– it’s a rim strip, not much to say about it. The tube, however, is the issue here. It was the right size, came packaged well, etc, but after 2 rides (less than 5 miles each, on pavement, at the proper PSI), it started leaking. I’m going to take it off the rim today and see what type of puncture it is, but I know I installed it correctly. You can’t entirely blame a flat on the tube, but considering the fact that I did everything right as far as installation and pressure, it…

  2. Kermit “Indieviewer” Jones, Jr.

    Typical Inner Tube. Good Rubber. (But I’ll probably buy thorn resistant in the future) BOTTOM LINE UP FRONT: This is a decent low cost solution for fixing your bike tires. If yours keep going flat or you need to swap out, they work fine. However, for a few dollars more, you can get Diamondback Thorn Resistant which are nearly 4x the thickness.WHAT IS THIS, AND WHY MIGHT I WANT IT?: If you just want a quick fix on the cheap, this is a good inner tube to use.FIRST IMPRESSION: I felt kind of like the Alamo. “Is…

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