TUBES SUNLT 26×1.95×2.35 SV

Product Features

  • Quality bicycle tubes from Sunlite
  • Multiple tube sizes available


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  1. A-MAN

    Just a little Info I’m was bicycle Mechanic for over 30 years. I’ve installed thousands of tubes and use these all the time.Just a little advise Inflate all bicycle tubes slightly before you install them this will keep the tube from “bunching up” when installed. This is the most common reason for home mechanics having Blow Outs. When you install them flat they will “bunch up” with a big bubble and push the tire off the rim suddenly “BOOM”The second most common reason is…

  2. B. E. Sharrow

    Total crap trying again from different source Tube is fresh, nicely packaged and labeled. It is better than the one it replaced, also made in China by Kenda.Follow the advice from other reviewers: Remove valve, pre-inflate, inspect inside of tire, assemble and pre-inflate again, install valve, double check rim and stem alignment, soft inflate and recheck rim and stem alignment (yes, again), adjust if needed, tighten valve with proper tool, complete inflation, relax!Tube installation is an art. Do it right and…

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