Children will love racing cars down the ramp and watching them fly out of the unique Tot Tube. Easy to put together and easy to take apart for storage. Props up against a couch, chair, or other piece of furniture. The Tot Tube tunnel track provides hours of fun for children who like to watch things race. Can also be used with small balls. Fits almost any brand of toy car including Matchbox, Hot Wheels, and Little People cars. No batteries required and no annoying sound effects or flashing lights. Just the natural sounds of happy kids playing. The Tot Tube is a simple and durable toy that will keep your child entertained for hours. Buy 2 sets and kids can race cars side-by-side. Or put them together to make one extra long race tube. Great STEM toy that helps teach toddlers and preschoolers simple physics concepts. Good educational toy for little students in daycares, preschools, and kindergarten. Makes for an engaging activity for children in speech, occupational or behavioral therapy. Can be used outside on a patio. Very popular with children with autism spectrum disorder and created by a mom with a son with Asperger’s. Recommended for ages 18 months to 8 years old. Total length of tube is 45 inches. PLEASE NOTE: Balls and toy cars are not included with purchase.

Product Features

  • Children will love racing cars and balls down the tunnel track of the unique Tot Tube. Hours of fun!
  • Fits almost any brand of toy car (Matchbox, Hot wheels, Little People, etc) or small ball (Note: Cars and balls are not included with purchase)
  • Prop up against a couch or chair. Transparent middle piece to watch the cars race through. Comes apart in three pieces for easy storage. Put together, it is 45 in long.
  • Sets up in a flash! No screws or tools needed or complicated instructions. No batteries required, no flashing lights, or annoying sound effects.
  • Buy 2 sets and race side-by-side, or put them together to make one extra long race tube.


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  1. Proud mommy of two cuties:)

    My kids use this as a cute water slide for their barbies! This is a really cute item that my three and four year old they love it a lot. It encourages a lot of open ended play for example, they have been using it as a water slide. They put water balloons inside, the garden hose, Barbie dolls, and cars. They also love to put their mouths on it and make funny sounds and echoes. It is fun for them to use as a pirate telescope they look threw it to see things from a distance. The kids also love to take it apart and turn it into three small tunnels instead…

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