Cam Guardian by Guardian Hunting is the best trail camera lock to reduce trail camera theft. Its ease of use, one strap / lock replaces the need for the nylon strap plus an additional key’d locking cable or a cumbersome trail camera lock box. Steel banding provides a trail camera mount that eliminates 98% of theft. Most trail camera thefts are crimes of opportunity. Most people will not be carrying Metal Cutters in the woods. This product is so easy to use and gives you peace of mind.

How Does it Work? 1) Simply remove the existing nylon strap and insert the trail cam lock black steel band in its place. 2) Wrap around a tree, insert the band’s end back into the block and tighten the locking screw. 3) Push the band down on the tree until tight, set your camera and walk away. The band is black coated steel banding with an aluminum 2 piece housing. The band is secured tightly with a unique star patterned wrench with a center pin. Key is L-shaped and screw will not accept standard star wrench. (If you loose your key, Guardian Hunting can provide a replacement.)

Most people aren’t thieves, but why give them the opportunity? Secure what’s yours. If you have had a camera stolen or know someone who has, it’s not fun! This is the one and only steel band for trail camera.

Product Features

  • NO MORE STOLEN TRAIL CAMERAS – This Trail Camera Mount is the SOLUTION to your problem – Secure them with a Cam Guardian. This Guardian provides 48 inches of steel band to secure your cameras to a tree up to 15 inch diameter.
  • DON’T LOOSE YOUR $200+ INVESTMENT! – Protect your Cameras with this Trail Camera Lock for a fraction off the cost of replacing a camera.
  • QUICK AND EASY – USE ON ALL YOUR CAMERAS – Trail Cam Lock comes with One Uniquely Designed Key Tool and can work on multiple Cam-Guardians. Star shaped with unique center pin, preventing use with regular star wrench.
  • STEEL IS HARDER TO CUT THAN PYTHON – Keep Honest People Honest – Make sure your Cameras will be there when you return. Cam Guardian will work as a Browning Trail Camera Tree Mount and SO MUCH easier to use than a Trail Camera Lock Box.
  • NO BROKEN or FROZEN KEYS or multiple keys and codes for different cameras. SIMPLIFY your system and LOCK UP with Cam-Guardians. ** DOES NOT include camera***


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  1. DanW

    Works great Nothing is perfect but this is pretty close. I am much calmer leaving my camera out in harms way with this device – much better than simple bungie cords. The best thing was the communication from the company. They suggested raising the camera out of reach and placing a stick behind it to tilt the camera down to my target area. Not one 4 wheeler has noticed the camera 8+ feet off the ground!The only improvement I can think of is a better coating on the strap, it scratches off VERY…

  2. Walk_the_walk

    A good solid well made product with great customer support A solid well made durable product that comes with great customer service. If you have ever had a game camera stolen, as I have, then you know how important it is to prevent that from happening, which is what this product does. This unit is easy to install and will keep any stray hunters from stealing your expensive camera.Also, great customer service from the seller. I had an issue where I ordered two units and they were keyed differently, due to a batch changeover issue, and the…

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