Worried that your costly makeup leak outside of the travel bottles to make your luggage in mess ?
For this inconvenience,Wedama leak proof travel bottles kit give you the perfect ways gift !

Go travel the world in comfort and convenience with Wedama perfect siliconeTravel bottles set.

1.Travel bottles are not suitable for Caustic,Corrosive or Flammable products,such as Oils,Alcohols,Hair Serums,Salicylic Acid,Hydrogen Peroxide and many more.
2. Filled the bottle with the 3/4 total volume is enough. as it may cause the caps to not seal properly.The travel bottles are reusable.

What You Can Store
Cosmetic: perfect for sunblock,lotions, face wash,creams and many more.
Toiletries:Great for shampoo, mouthwash,conditioner, hair spray and gel,body lotion, body wash, liquid soap, coconut oil, or other toiletries.
Food grade silicon : Suitable for salad dressing, ketchup, mustard etc.

What’s in Package
2 x Travel Bottle(3oz)
3 x Travel Bottle(1.25oz)
2 x cream box
2 x Toothbrush Cover
1 x Washing Face Brush
2 x Mini Spatula
1 x Clear Zipper Bag

We take our customers seriously. In order to provide the best service possible, Wedama ‘s Travel bottles sets are backed by our Lifetime Money Back Guarantee

Product Features

  • 【MULTI-COMBINATION SET】Wedama 12 Pcs leak proof travel bottles set, portable & lightweight, easy to carry & clean. You will get: 5 Pcs Silicone Travel Bottles[2*3oz / 3*1.25oz ] + 2 Pcs Cream Boxes + 2 Pcs Toothbrush Covers + 1 Pcs Washing Face Brush + 2 Pcs Mini Spatulas, Perfect companion for your travelling!
  • 【ANTI-LEAKAGE & LARGE CAPACITY】Sealing leakproof design can 100% make travel bottles leak proof, prevent your expensive cosmetics from leaking during travel and making your luggage a mess; Travel accessories to store Cosmetic Shampoo Conditioner Lotion Soap Toiletries, use cream boxes to store creams and the mini spatulas to get it, toothbrush covers to protect you toothbrush from dust, facebrush to clean your face.
  • 【FOOD GRADE SILICONE】TSA Approved Squeezable travel bottles made from food grade safe soft silicone + PP material, BPA free,super compression resistance, lightness, and waterproof. Small travel bottles allows you to easily squeeze out that last drop of shampoo.
  • 【WARM TIP IDENTIFICATION】Travel containers have ID window with 6 options to change the text that shows. Twist the movable labels in the neck of soap travel container cap to to help you remember the liquid contents filled in the travel bottles.
  • 【GREAT TRAVEL GIFTS】Wedama TSA Approved Leakproof travel bottle sets are great for gym shower, travel, camping, cruises, the fitness center, airplane or the dorm. Refillable travel container with 3oz leakproof travel bottle is Great Travel Gift. A must for your life or travelling!

CHECK IT OUT – great price and lots of good reviews!

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  1. Anonymous

    It’s worth every penny. How lovely this set is, it comes with two 3oz silicone and three 1.25oz silicone and some other container and accessories. Great designs with preprint labels, no more massy self lables. I labeled my old bottle with permanent marker and it worn off due to watery hands. Each silicone bottles have the wide opened end can be filled easily. While you have the cap twisted open, you can twist the cap ring to have your desire label shows on the open window. A friendly reminder: you must select…

  2. Anonymous

    Soft squeeze tubes with interchangeable labels! I got this just in time for my travel, and I am never a big fan of hotel shampoos and conditioners so I was looking for a travel bottle set to hold all my stuff. I’ve had a set of other brand bottles before but it was hard to squeeze and often times I would have residue remain in them. This set, however, was soft to squeeze, and had changeable labels on the tube caps. The whole set even came with a facial cleaning brush which is easily a $10 product itself elsewhere! Very good in keeping…

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