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  1. Andrew Young

    Rugged, tiny, reliable in the sun, wind, & rain. A very durable and tiny umbrella. I’ve been using it for several months now.There are a bunch of other brands that sell ones that look the same, but this one I can confirm is built tough. True story: I bought this because my friend had purchased a gold-colored one made by another company. And while they LOOK nearly identical, we were both walking outside in 15-20 mph wind and his *snappp!* broke a spine (near the tip, where these are all plastic for flexibility). Mine survived just…

  2. Mumsy

    Terrible quality – literally one time use! 🙁 UPDATE!Literally broke the first day! One of the metal arms snapped when I opened the umbrella…. hmmm. I would have returned it, but I was using it while out of town and did not want to haul it back with me. Save yourself some money and just buy one from the dollar store.Lightweight, but cheap feeling… and it smells like a skunk :/ I would be surprised if it stayed put together in more than a light breeze.. I ordered this because it was supposed to be lightweight and…

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