Newest Travelwise 5 piece set

Product Features

  • PACKING MADE EASY – This 5 piece travel organizer set (1 small, 2 medium and 2 large packing cubes) compartmentalizes similar size items in their own “small drawers” to streamline packing and more efficiently utilize interior luggage space.
  • EXTRA DURABLE – Lightweight and durable nylon stands the test of time, keeping items secure without adding weight to your luggage.
  • FUNCTIONAL DESIGN – No more hectic searching for misplaced items! These packing cubes feature a breathable mesh design to more easily locate items in your suitcase, while 2 way easy-pull zippers provide reliably fast opening and closing, which means faster packing.
  • ARRIVE ORGANIZED – Items won’t shift in transit, leaving you with less wrinkled clothing and more time to relax while traveling. Create a personalized packing system with all 5 squares to simplify work trips, weekend getaways, and long-awaited vacations!
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. Call or email us any time for support!

CHECK IT OUT – great price and lots of good reviews!

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  1. Anonymous

    Will change the way you travel! I am not a very organized person. However, I constantly strive to be that way, and absolutely love products that help me stay neat and organized…And also keep me as sane as possible with a toddler!!I found these TravelWise packing cubes a few weeks back when my family was preparing to fly to Palm Springs, CA for vacation. I was skeptical, so I just ordered my own set for that trip. I compared several other packing cubes based on price, amount and variety of sizes included and…

  2. Anonymous

    I’ll not travel without these ever again! I had never tried packing cubes before my last trip (10 days, so I had a lot in my checked and carry-on bags). What a revelation! Once I figured out how to pack the cubes (by rolling items rather than folding), I saw how it made packing, unpacking, and repacking a lot easier. Also, by specifically positioning the zippers, I could tell whether any single cube had been opened during a TSA inspection of my checked bag. I also found that living out of the cubes in the vacation condo (by unzipping,…

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