SMRT-CORE is self-myofascial release therapy and core strengthening work efficiently combined in the same workout using a revolutionary foam roller, The Trigger Point GRID. Presented as an educational DVD collection, the program is easy to follow, caters to various fitness levels and is designed for in-home use. Level 1 is our starting point and provides the foundational movements needed to perform all of the SMRT-CORE exercises. by incorporating applied movements into our foundation exercises, you will engage your core and create a starting point for increasing strength and stability. Exercise movements are clearly explained so that you understand the movements for each exercise within the specific level.

Product Features

  • Level 1 of a 3-part educational DVD collection with several individual workouts, the program is easy to follow, designed for various fitness levels and challenges the core while delivering a self-massage.
  • SMRT-CORE Intro: 2:42
  • SMRT-CORE Essentials: 17:58
  • SMRT-CORE Class Essentials: 11:04
  • SMRT-CORE Class Workout: 39:22

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