There are so many uses for this tube such as use in the swimming pools, lakes, river run trips, or even as a beverage holder. Forget about being King of the Lake just enjoy this tube and get your fun on. So if you want to strap on the water wings feel free but you might have more fun on this tube. So what if they call you small fry or weight challenged, bring it on! With this tube you can still kill it on the waves or ride it smooth on the river.
Splashing in the water has never been so much fun, so get your TUBE on and get out there and enjoy the great outdoors. !!!

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Product Features

  • 100% COMMERCIAL GRADE RUBBER (latex free):. This is our newest size to our lineup that is going to fit youth of all ages. The tube will provide a minimum 36 inch exterior size and small interior size 12 inch. You have got to try this tube.
  • SAFETY VALVE STEM: No more being poked with one of those long metal stems from the old days. Our original rubber valve stem & cap is engineered for your safety. It protects you from scrapes & bruises and is tucked away nicely so you won’t know it’s there. You’re going to love it!
  • UV PROTECTED / TEAR RESISTANT: These inner tubes are UV protected so the sun won’t harm the tube and cause it to deflate prematurely. The tubes are durable and very tear resistant and will not pop like many vinyl tubes
  • EASY TO DECORATE: These tubes all come in black – but if that is not you – simply change the color with plastic paint. For easy stenciling leave mostly un-inflated. Get creative – go extreme – have fun – personalize & make it totally yours!
  • PROPER INFLATION: Be sure to properly inflate this inner tube to the full 36″ outside diameter for best results. Use the stop and start air flow method to prevent bulging.


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  1. Danny S

    The kids loved climbing all over it and bouncing and sliding off … I bought this tube for my grandson’s 14th birthday party. It was held at our local lake/swim park. It was the hit of the party!!!! All the adults thought I was crazy bringing a “truck tire” as a present and I got quite a few laughs about it while we were sitting at the pavilion, but I knew once the kids took it to the lake, it would be a different story. And I got the last laugh!!! The kids loved climbing all over it and bouncing and sliding off into the water. The lake has a…

  2. amber collier

    Great tube for floating!! Love these tubes. We bought these after a friend suggested them instead of renting tubes to float a local river. They have already paid for themselves after just a few uses. Very durable, we went through some pretty low rocky water and these tubes passed with not problem. We bought 40 inch ones for adults weighing up to 180lbs and 1 45 inch one for a guy weighing 270 lbs and they all worked great. Wish the box gave instructions on how much PSI each would hold. We found that the more air the…

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