You don’t have to go to the gym or get on the floor to get strong and build muscle, bone density, strength and balance! This completely FLOOR WORK FREE strength training program contains two complete workouts:

Stepping Strength [Approx 45 Minutes]: This 2-in-1 session combines non-stop, endurance-focused strength training with cardio intervals to maximize your workout time.

Strictly Strength [Approx 40 Minutes]: Develop strength, stamina, and muscle with this concentrated, strength training only, total body sculpting session.

EQUIPMENT USED: Dumbbells. Three sets of dumbbells are recommended, though one or two sets can be used (we suggest one light, one moderately heavy, and one heavy, ranging between 2 – 25 lbs, depending on level).

And, don’t forget to cross train for a balanced fitness plan! Check out our “Walk On: 4-Mile Power Walk” (sold separately on here: for our floor work free indoor walking program that makes a great low impact, endurance-focused, fat burning cardio companion to these strength sessions.

Approx. Total Run Time: 85 Minutes

Product Features

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  1. Anonymous

    Complete enough to be the only strength training DVD you may ever need! This strength-focused DVD is nothing short of perfect, and could quite possibly be the ONLY strength DVD you’d ever need. Having been active working out regularly since 2009 (and starting with a Jessica Smith TV even back then) Jessica Smith continues to be,hands-down, is my favorite trainer and impress me with her ability to come up with new concepts and programs, without a lot of repetition all while keeping this fun and fresh. Of all the choices of workout styles out there, strength…

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