Trail Camera Quick Start Guide:

1.Remove the battery compartment, and insert 8AA or 4AA batteries in accordance with the correct direction.insert into 1pc blank SD card (class 4 or above) to the SD port.
2.Toggle the switch to camera or video mode; press “OK”; display “playback” and “setup”.
3.Select “setup”, click “OK “,you can set Date / Time, Delay, Photo size, Video Size
Date / Time (time setting). Loop to press “OK” button can set year,month,day, hours,minutes, seconds; press “up and down” keys in the corresponding options to set the number; then press “OK”.

Delay (trigger time interval setting)
Press “up and down” keys to select different trigger time interval: There are 8 different options: (5sec 10sec 15sec 30sec 1minute 3minute 5minute 10minute 15minute 30minute) ,Press “OK” to confirm .

Photo size (Photo resolution settings): There are 3 options: 2M; 5M; 8M; press “OK” key to confirm;

Video Size (video resolution settings): There are 2 options: 720P / 1080P; press “OK “ to confirm;

Image sensor:5 Megapixel
LCD Monitor: 1.44″ color LCD monitor
Lens: FOV=60°
LED: 28pcs IR LED night time vision (range 15m)
PIR Angle: 45°
Triggering distance: up to 15 metres
Trigger speed : 0.6-1.2 second
Photo Size: 2592×1994
Photo format: JPEG file
Video Size: 1280×720
Video format: AVI file
Memory: SD/SDHC up to 32GB (not included)
Battery type: 4 or 8pcs AA batteries (not included)
Stand-by time: 3 months and 4months (8pcs batteries)
Waterproof : IP54
Package includes:
1 x Trail camera
1 x User manual
1 x USB cable
1 x Installation package

Product Features

  • Advanced IR LEDs Technology: The newest product gets night vision function upgrades, featuring 28pcs 850nm IR LEDs. With 50ft flash range in the dark, the low-glow LED lights do not disturb wildlife when your trail camera is working.keep you defined and detailed view of the wildlife.
  • High-Quality Photos & Videos: The trail camera captures 5MP crystal-clear colorful images by day and clear black&white images at night separately. The brightness, clarity and colors are exactly what you want.
  • Lightning Trigger, Reliable Waterproof: The impressive 0.6s-1.2s trigger speed produces no delay between the triggers when capturing still images. Never miss any of breathtaking moments with multi-shot mode, it takes up to 3pics each time. Use the game camera in harsh environments with powerful IP54 waterproof rating.
  • More Excellent Features: The game camera comes with multi-recording modes and versatile functions,perfect for the surveillance of reptiles, cold blooded animals or amphibians, at the same time, it reduces the inadvertent shoot caused by the leaves or grass, saved power and SD card storage space.
  • This Backyard Scout Trail Camera. It is a multipurpose game camera product which is good for home surveillance, outdoor hunting, or even used as an ordinary digital camera. You can watch pictures and videos directly on the machine, or you can take down the SD card.That means you can view the very latest images captured on your camera from the comfort of your home.


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  1. Anonymous

    It works amazingly. Purchased this to go out hunting with and I’ve tested it in my backyard so far. It’s caught squirrels, racoons and a skunk just roaming in my backyard. I’m using Eneloop batteries for this trail camera and it’s been going great since it’s been functioning at 100%. If people are unaware of how trail cameras work and this is your first, I’ll give you a quick rundown. Trail cameras are made to be placed in a location where you suspect there is game to hunt for, it will take pictures when it…

  2. Anonymous

    The normally unseen can now be seen This is truly a multi-purpose camera whether for home surveillance or outdoor hunting. It blends in well with the vegetation, and you can hardly notice its presence. The only thing it needs that would blow away its competition is built-in Wifi capability so you can view recorded photos or video clips remotely using your home Wifi. But this is wishful thinking, who knows? The product is very well made and runs on 8 AA batteries. It accepts SD card with maximum capacity of 32GB only. The…

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