Cam: To set which mode you want the camera to be in.
TEST = Test mode
OFF = Power Off mode
PIR = Active Passive Infrared mode / Power On mode
Frame: To set the number of pictures or video length the camera will take per PIR triggering.
1P = Single still image captured per PIR triggering.
3P = Three continuous still images captured per PIR triggering.
5P = Five continuous still images captured per PIR triggering.

AVI:Places camera in Video mode and It will capture video at 20 seconds AVI per PIR trigger.

Time out: To set the amount of time the camera will sleep between PIR triggering.
1m = 1 minute
5m = 5 minutes
10m = 10 minutes
20m = 20 minutes

Resolution: The resolution selection that you have chosen.

High (HI) = 8.0 Megapixels (Image interpolated from 5M Sensor)
Video (Hi) =720P
Low (LO) = 5.0 Mega pixels
Video (Lo) = 640X480

Package includes:

1 * Trail Camera
1 * Metal stents
1 * USB cable
1 * User Manual
1 * Belt

Product Features

  • High Quality Shooting. The trail & game camera captures Maximum Support 8 Megapixel still images by day (black and white at night) and 720P HD video with sound. The pictures are clear even in night.
  • Super-Fast Trigger Speed:With an impressive 0.8-1.2 second trigger speed, you are guaranteed to never miss any of the action.
  • User-friendly Setup:No complicated process , just move ONE selector switch, camera will be set to ideal status and take photo and video automatically whether used on trails.
  • Low power consumption: Sleep current: Less than or equal to 0.2mA/Active current (day):Less than 280mA/Active current (Night): Less than 900mA. Power: “AA” size alkaline Batteries x 4, or “AA” x 8, or “AA” x 12(no battery included). Power external: 12Vdc; Image format: Images – Standard JPEG / Videos – Standard AVI; Setting the Date / Time stamp.The maximum capacity of its memory card is upto 32GB (card not included).
  • SATISFACTION WARRANTY—The ZenNutt Game Camera is of high-quality for a longtime and easier maintenance. All of our products are individually tested and backed with a satisfaction warranty.


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  1. PBnWhine

    Great For Backyards Too! This is my very first outdoor cam and while I’m not exactly using this camera for the hunting aspect. I’m using it for the backyard! We have several hummingbird feeders in our yard and watching these adorable birds fly around is calming and very mesmerizing. This camera is SUPER easy to set up. Easy to use and I can leave it outside 24/7. The camera not only tells the time but the temperature outside as well! The photo and video quality are perfect…

  2. Ali Julia

    Excellent video, diffcult to use user interface I have experience with several wild cams as we are big animal lovers and lucky enough to have a lot of creatures on our property. This wild cam produces excellent video (excellent color, good exposure, night time video has a lot of definition) but the controls are very frustrating. The control that makes this camera a pain to use is how you need to remove old photos. You need to format the SD in the camera using complicated sequence of button…

  3. Anonymous

    This camera arrived in perfect condition and worked as advertised. Most of the features are helpful in using this product while just a couple could be improved upon. The size of the camera seems a bit bulky at first but that is because it has so much space dedicated to additional battery usage/backup inside. I like the degree of backup you can set for this camera that is offered. From just 4 AA batteries up to 8 then even 12 can be placed inside the protected cover of this camera. What’s more,…

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