INSANITY Fast and Furious DVD

Shaun T’s Insanity workout is the best of its kind.
No other workout can get you these types of results in just 60 days.

Well, Shaun T thinks you’ve got a little more in you.
Furious Moves and Pace.
Jacks, jumps, and all the cardio you can stand.
And they’re bringing it to you FAST and they’re bringing it to you FURIOUS.

Shaun T’s Max Interval Training techniques are a step ahead of every other fitness program ever designed.
You get you a lean, muscular body in a short amount of time.

Package include
1*nutrition guide
1*Quick Start Guide
And additional book,charts, pamphlets.

The Insanity Workout is a difficult workout, but the results are phenomenal.

Product Features

  • Your personal trainer Shaun T will push you past your limits, help you get the body and the muscles you want in a short time
  • 14 DVD set in book/case with additional book,charts, pamphlets and nutrition guide. Revised edition
  • Each workout keeps you constantly challenged as you alternate between aerobic and anaerobic intervals performed at your max
  • No exercise equipment is necessary, Effective max interval training. Perform long bursts of maximum-intensity exercises
  • Free online support tools help you stay motivated with round-the-clock access to fitness experts and peer support

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